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FAQ Supracube Neocube

What neodymium ?
It is a silver gray metal of the rare earth group, its chemical symbol Nd, with special characteristics that make it a very suitable material for the magnets.

QWhat is a NdFeB magnet ?
NdFeB magnets were invented in 1982. They are composed of neodymium, iron and boron. These are the most powerful magnets in the world, they can hold up to a thousand times their weight.

The magnetic force of Supracube can it mitigate ?
Aside from exposure to extreme heat or shock, nothing can alter the power of your Supracube.

What is the coating ?
The coating is the protective layer that isolates the magnetic material and gives beautiful bright color to your Supracube. The coating consists of three layers, nickel, copper and nickel. Cautions so if you are allergic to nickel.

Are all the balls of the same quality ?
Millions of Supracube balls are made, and they are all of the same quality. However, it may happen that a ball is defective in the industrial process.

Why there are differences in price ?
Some merchants offer for sale logs of diameters smaller than, necessarily a smaller price, but at the expense of the quality of manipulation.

Supracube he offers a warranty for the product ?
Millions of Supracube balls are made, and they are all of the same quality. However, it may happen that a ball is defective in the industrial process. You can replace a defective ball with rescue ball came with your Supracube (watch certain site are charging these relief balls). However, if you observe a significant abnormality on a Supracube do not hesitate to contact us at the email address or phone +33 675 20 96 46.

Why Supracube balls Are not for young children ?
The Supracube the magnetic beads have a diameter of 5 mm, their small size make the Supracube is not a toy for children under the age of fourteen.

Is neodymium hazardous to health ?
Normal use of balls Supracube is safe. Neodymium which is in the ball is covered with three protective coating layers. However, if a ball is severely damaged, replace it and never play with.

Can you be allergic to Supracube ?
To Supracubes not. However, the share of nickel present in the coating can cause a reaction in persons with allergies, if that is the case, you should not continue to play with the Supracube.

What will happen if someone swallows one or more balls ?
The risk if swallowed multiplied when several magnetic beads ingested at different intervals. Since they are magnetized, the beads can injure internal organs because they attract each other. Consult a doctor immediately if swallowed magnetic beads.

Where can I see examples of photos and videos ?
You can view the videos available on the site and you will find Supracube dozens of other videos on YouTube showing what we can do with the 216 magnetic balls of Supracube. You can make more than a neocube and figures and shapes are endless.

I can not seem to do what I want with the balls !
The Supracube is not a puzzle for nothing :) The skill will come by practicing a little and looking good paper guides provided with your Supracubes. Remember that you play with magnets and you have to sometimes turn groups of balls for changing the direction of the polarity (positive or negative pole). However, it is sometimes better to start from scratch with a new string. Do not lose patience.

Did I do everything with 216 balls ?
We can manufacture all kinds of figures and compositions with 216 balls. Infinite series. And it's even funnier and more complicated if you have more Supracube balls.

Supracube is it interested in photos and videos ?
Yes, there was already on the site pictures of creations by users Supracube. You can continue to feed this section of the site and send your pictures or videos to

Will I receive an order confirmation ?
Absolutely, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail once it is passed. You will also find our phone number and our other contact information, so that you can contact us if you have any questions.

How to report that my order was not processed correctly ?
You can send us your comments, suggestions and complaints via the contact form or by email to Your claim will generally be treated in the day.

Can I return an order ?
You can return your order within eight days after its receipt. Consult the terms and conditions listed on the site. Return costs are your responsibility, except in case of problems in processing your order or if a product is defective. The refund will be made within 7 days of returning. Before returning a product, please contact via email or using the form on the site.

Is selling price TTC ?
Yes and it includes the shipping costs except for the items mentioned below.

The selling price include the shipping costs ?
Yes the shipping costs are offered for all destinations except for backup logs lots, empty boxes and cards separations.

How can I pay ?
Payment is by Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can pay by credit card. If you wish you can order by mail by setting by bank check, this service is available in France .

When will I be refunded upon return of a product ?
Within 15 days of receipt of the returned product.

What is the shipping company ?
All shipments are insured by La Poste.

Do I have them delivered to another address ?
You select the shipping address during checkout Paypal. If you find an error in the shipping address on your order confirmation, please report by phone at +33 675 20 96 46 to report your error and correct delivery address.

When will I receive my order ?
You will receive your order 2 business days after passing if you order before 12 hours. Ex.: - You order a Monday morning at 9 o'clock, your order is shipped the same day and you will receive it on Thursday. - You order a Friday at 15H, your order is shipped on Monday and Thursday you receive it. It happens very rarely that La Poste is a day late. Beyond a day late, it becomes a problem you must notify us to arrange the best and reduce your expectations.

Another question ?
You have not found the answer to a question that you ask? Contact by email to

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WARNING: Supracube is not a toy intended for the children of less than fourteen years. The powerful magnetism of your Supracube can damage the electronic devices such as hard disk, credit card, medical device, etc. Supracube is not an object intended to diagnose or to handle diseases. The ingestion and, or, the introduction of balls magnetized by Supracube in the human body is dangerous for the health. Consult immediately a doctor if it occurs. Do not try to cut, to drill, to burn the balls of your Supracube.
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