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make pleasure undoubtedly. Broken down of inspiration for a gift, Supracube is exactly what you need.

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CLASSIC : Supracube 216 balls + dress handkerchief present + 6 balls - 19,90 EUR

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Neocube : the tendency of magnetic ball game !

With its size mat and its modern design, the Neocube is a much of his time toy. Both puzzle, 3D puzzle and building game, it helps to pass the time and relax. And for the most creative, these small magnetic beads are used to create all sorts of tricks!

The Neocube, what is it?

The Neocube is a new puzzle game, halfway between the puzzle and the puzzle in three dimensions. It consists of a set of 216 magnetic beads, nickel. Specifically, these beads are neodymium magnets, hence the name of Neocube. This material has a magnetization ten times that of a conventional magnet. Thus, with a cube, items we do not slip as with a Rubik's Cube. The game is to stick and remove the balls groups, and assembling them to obtain new shapes. On the other hand, the Neocube is a very small object, 3x3 cm. Therefore, it may take anywhere. It is an object that can pass the time, eg in transit.

How to play with Neocube?

The first exercise to achieve with Neocube is to "mix" the balls. Once familiar with the behavior of magnets, we can get down to business. And to start, why not try to restore the cube. Easy, you say? Is that you have not started yet! Because cube quickly proves to be a real headache. We must actually calculate the movements to achieve, from the finished form. A real game of patience ...

But the great interest of cube is to give free rein to his imagination. We can handle the ball like for the sake of the contact on the fingers and the soft metallic click. Therefore, we can manufacture all kinds of three-dimensional shapes: triangles, spheres, baskets, bracelets, stars, snowflakes ... There are billions of possible combinations.


Five good reasons to buy a Neocube Supracube: creativity, problem solving, memory, concentration, adaptation.


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WARNING: Supracube is not a toy intended for the children of less than fourteen years. The powerful magnetism of your Supracube can damage the electronic devices such as hard disk, credit card, medical device, etc. Supracube is not an object intended to diagnose or to handle diseases. The ingestion and, or, the introduction of balls magnetized by Supracube in the human body is dangerous for the health. Consult immediately a doctor if it occurs. Do not try to cut, to drill, to burn the balls of your Supracube.
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